Quality Assurance

At GMT, accuracy is paramount, even above our commitment to fast turnaround times. We understand the critical importance of precise medical documentation, and that’s why we’ve implemented a rigorous quality assurance program that sets us apart from other documentation companies.

Our approach to quality assurance begins with consistently assigning scribes and transcriptionists to the same physicians. This fosters familiarity with the physician’s unique style, voice, accent, and preferences, enabling our team to deliver accurate and personalized documentation. This level of familiarity contributes to enhanced patient care and safety by ensuring that documentation accurately reflects the clinician’s intent.

Additionally, our quality assurance process includes AI Proofreaders who play a crucial role in assessing the quality of drafts and evaluating the richness of data extracted from GMT’s SwiftNote engine. These AI Proofreaders help maintain the highest standards of accuracy and completeness in our documentation, further enhancing the reliability and integrity of our services.