Key Benefits

Revolutionizing Healthcare with GMT’s SwiftNote

SwiftNote transforms clinician-patient encounters by digitizing them to Enhanced Medical Documentation with AI, extracting data from natural conversations, and instantly converting it into accurate medical notes and AI Medical Documentation. This groundbreaking technology saves doctors hours every day, allowing them to refocus their time on personalized patient care.

Minimal training and workflow adjustment is required to get started with SwiftNote and the AI Documentation. This seamless integration ensures a smooth transition for healthcare professionals, enabling them to immediately benefit from its time-saving capabilities without any additional burden.

Efficiency Redefined: Swift Care, Timely Interventions:

By streamlining processes, GMT enables care teams to shorten average wait times. Patients experience quicker assessments and interventions, all thanks to AI Healthcare Documentation and AI Write Documentation, ensuring improved care within a more efficient system.

AI Integration: Transforming Patient Visits:

GMT SwiftNote’s integration into patient visits signifies a new era of efficiency and precision. It empowers healthcare professionals to deliver precise care, eradicating unnecessary delays and ensuring timely interventions for every patient.


  • Mobile Solution for Medical Documentation
  • GMT Document Management Software
  • Automated and Encrypted File Transfer
  • No Capital Outlay
  • No Installation or Training Expenses
  • No Maintenance or Software Upgrade Fees
  • 100% Local Service and Support
  • No Software or Hardware Costs