Global Medical Transcription

Global Medical Transcription LLC (GMT) was established in 2000 with the aim of addressing inefficiencies in medical documentation processes. The company offers solutions focused on enhancing quality, seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHR), and cost savings for healthcare industry partners. The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration has made things easier for us and our clients.

GMT has been actively involved in advanced Healthcare IT initiatives such as by providing AI Assistant for Medical Transcription, boasting a distinguished track record of successes including interfacing with various Electronic Medical Record vendors. By identifying and implementing strategic tactics to foster growth, GMT serves as a liaison between physicians, their offices, and the development of technologies to optimize workflow strategies. Through the provision of simple, user-friendly, and efficient software systems such as Efficient EHR Integration, GMT aims to increase physician productivity and efficiency, thereby contributing to improved patient care. At GMT we take pride in offering AI-Powered Medical Documentation Services and Seamless AI Transcription Services worldwide.

The company emphasizes several key principles in its approach to medical documentation:


GMT’s technology is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, enabling physicians to focus on patient care rather than struggling with overly complex systems. The goal is to simplify the documentation process, making it as straightforward as possible


Each provider is assigned a dedicated transcriptionist, scribe or AI proofreader who becomes familiar with their voice and preferences. This personalized approach ensures that documentation is tailored to the individual provider’s style and requirements. Customization options such as templates, macros, and formats are available at no additional cost.


GMT expedites the sharing of information to improve continuity of care and reduce the likelihood of unnecessary tests or procedures. By accelerating the documentation process, we help to minimize the visit to coding time process and maximize patient timely access to results.


Quality control is a priority for GMT, with a focus on achieving the highest levels of accuracy in medical records. The company employs a rigorous four-level Quality Assurance process, which includes over 90 proofreaders to ensure that patient records are as precise as possible. GMT strives for zero errors, setting itself apart from industry norms regarding acceptable error rates.

Overall, GMT is dedicated to supporting healthcare providers by offering comprehensive solutions that streamline medical documentation processes, enhance efficiency, and ultimately contribute to improved patient outcomes.